Betrayal trauma counseling services in NYC

Betrayal trauma counseling services in NYC

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Betrayal trauma counseling

Betrayal trauma comes in various forms, such as intimate, parental, and interpersonal. When a parent, friend, or romantic partner betrays someone’s confidence, it can result in grief and mental discomfort, known as betrayal trauma. Gaslighting and other betrayal-related traumas can happen together and result in anxiety and sadness.

Betrayal trauma counseling can support your recovery and forward movement toward healthier relationships. Counseling helps determine how the betrayed person processes the trauma and retains it in their memory. Trauma from betrayal, like all trauma, can have negative long-term implications on your mental and physical health. While dealing with betrayal, the mind frequently dissociates from the pain and reality.

Without appropriate care, the negative impacts may intensify and worsen, creating other concerns like hyper-independence and trust problems. Therapy can help people recover and improve their insight into identifying trustworthy and deceptive people. Developing these skills also helps build confidence and resolve trust issues.

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The challenges of betrayal

It’s common for betrayed partners to believe they can’t go on with their life and find closure until they discover the reason behind the betrayal. Hearing the explanation can be difficult and may take some time to digest. Partners who have been betrayed need a formal disclosure guided by a trained therapist as the first step to the healing process.

When someone is betrayed, they frequently react by severing their relationship with that person. However, this approach might not be practical if the couple shares children or one partner has to rely on the other for financial or other needs, making the healing process more complex and challenging.


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How betrayal counseling helps

How betrayal counseling can help?

To continue supporting the people in your life that you care about, a good therapist will assist you in finding balance and teaching you how to take care of yourself first. It can take a while for the wounds caused by betrayal trauma to heal completely as self-esteem and confidence is damaged. A trauma-informed therapist facilitates betrayal counseling sessions to bring focus onto positive feelings and more future-oriented goals, so you can avoid getting stuck in a loop revisiting past mistakes and what-ifs.

Helping clients focus on how they want to feel after recognizing negative and painful feelings is another strategy to support the transition toward healing and growth. If left unchecked, intense emotions can produce flawed thinking, which acts as a catalyst for retaliation, rage, and other negative feelings to fester. This can affect one’s ability to form meaningful attachments with others in the future, leading to social withdrawal and isolation.


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Journeying through betrayal trauma with Good Health

Good Health therapists have specialist training in betrayal trauma counseling to help clients define the next steps and start the healing process in a compassionate environment. Partners in a monogamous relationship typically understand what constitutes cheating and agree to trust each other. But these terms are broken when a partner betrays the other, which can be a devastating life event.

Making important decisions, establishing boundaries for emotional well-being and safety, and valuing one’s thoughts and experiences are all possible with Good Health counseling services. Shock, loss and grief, morbid obsession, lowered self-esteem, self-doubt, and wrath are some of the emotions we can help clients process.

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