Breakup counseling services in NYC

Breakup counseling services in NYC

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Breakup counselling

A breakup triggers a wide range of feelings, with grief being the most intense. Although sadness is typically associated with death, it also plays a big role in breakups. A breakup represents a loss of companionship, love, and expectations for the future. Regardless of who initiates a breakup, it can affect both parties on a deeply personal level. Breakup counseling helps people deal with the impact of ending a relationship. 

An emotional and psychological separation can cause anything from anguish and sadness to shock to elation. Individuals have different ways of coping with unpleasant emotions. Many people experience depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance misuse, and psychological distress following a breakup, which is a source of mental health issues. If you have gone through a breakup and find it difficult to move on and process your emotions, then therapy can offer support, guidance, and help.

Breakup counselling

Emotional side effects of a breakup

The emotional ups and downs that accompany a breakup can be comparable to bereavement. After a relationship ends, it’s common to experience denial, anger, emptiness, and sadness. It may be tempting to distance oneself from close relationships as a result and finding a way to move on may seem difficult when your identity is intertwined with the former relationship. 

People may experience problems at work, disputes with family members, or other health issues. Alcohol, prescription medicines, or other unhealthy coping techniques are often used to deal with the agony of a breakup. It’s critical to get support if your breakup is negatively affecting your quality of life. Therapy can offer a safe space to examine your breakup grief while learning how to effectively cope with challenging emotions, develop resilience, and embrace your independence.


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How breakup counseling can help?

A relationship breakup can be extremely difficult to go through and it can cause feelings of loss on many levels. Once the breakup is finalized, people may experience regret over what may have been, which results in negative emotions and unmet expectations. These complicated feelings of loss may be accompanied by rage, disappointment, vulnerability, regret, remorse, betrayal, self-doubt, loneliness, or relief. 

Breakup counseling helps to unpack complicated emotions while seeking closure. The process of embracing self-love, self-growth, and self-care is the focus of counseling after a breakup. After a difficult breakup, it can be easy to slip into destructive thought patterns. Therefore, a crucial initial step in counseling is helping to identify and change harmful ways of processing painful emotions. Therapy also helps people rediscover their identity, beliefs, and values with an emphasis on self-reflection.


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Counseling to get over a breakup

Counseling to get over a breakup helps in facing loneliness, confusion, and sadness. The Good Health team uses a combination of therapies to help people find value in themselves again. With the support of our trained therapists, we can assist in working through anger, resentment, and loss so you can find the clarity you need to confidently move forward in life. 

Counseling in a safe and comfortable environment is a top priority, so we can ensure you receive individualized care and attention. Breakups can be incredibly difficult to handle, but you can decide how to manage this life adjustment and grow into the person you want to be. Our therapeutic techniques can effectively help you to confront your emotions for a healthier outlook on life.

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