Communication counseling for couples in NYC

Communication counseling for couples in NYC

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Communication counseling for couples

One of the most prevalent reasons couples seek counseling is because communication has broken down in the relationship. Having a couples therapist with specialized training in this area truly pays off.

Communication counseling for couples involves expert advice to help identify behaviors that should be avoided while learning new strategies for establishing the loving, open communication that most relationships begin with. Couples who struggle to communicate inevitably experience relationship issues, and couples with issues find it difficult to talk about them, resulting in a no-win situation.

Relationship counseling can assist partners in better understanding one another, resolving challenging issues, and gaining a new perspective on their circumstances. Everybody wants to feel loved and supported by partners who share those feelings. But despite best efforts, many couples are constantly facing the same communication issues over and over without any resolution. Ultimately, it leads to feelings of annoyance, rage, despair, or numbness.

Communication couple counseling

The challenges of communication in a couple

Couples who struggle with communication will inevitably struggle with intimacy and relationship development. True connection depends on grasping your partner’s inner world and having them do the same for you. If you have trouble communicating in a way that strengthens your bond, it is likely that partners in the relationship will gradually drift apart from one another.

Couples with poor communication tend to criticize or denigrate one another, become defensive, engage in passive aggression, stonewall, have recurrent fights that are never resolved, lack compromise, and make fewer efforts to connect. Couples need to work through past hurts, reestablish trust, and demonstrate willingness to forgive one another to go forward and start communicating better.


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How couples communication counseling helps

How couples’ communication counseling can help?

Couples’ most common complaint is a lack of communication. Many people who seek counseling believe they merely require a conversational style or phrasing change. While this is unquestionably true, there are also other factors to consider, which couples communication counseling might reveal.

Trained therapists help couples identify emotional and thought patterns and different communication styles that create obstacles to effective and loving interactions. One of the counseling objectives is to help both partners discover each other’s emotional needs. It is the key to enhancing communication in a way that fosters intimacy.

Communication becomes easier when couples know how to express their needs calmly and honestly. Therapists help to develop specialized communication techniques that will work for both partners while acknowledging the need to eliminate criticism, unrealistic demands, or other harmful actions and responses. Couples can develop active and empathic listening skills to improve communication, rediscover their loving connection and strengthen trust and commitment.


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Counseling for improving communication in couples

Good Health counseling aims to connect partners to have the best relationship possible. Experienced mental health professionals help couples with communication problems affecting their partnership. Everybody has moments when they need to talk to someone who won’t criticize them or make them feel inadequate.

Good Health offers a space for both men and women to process the setbacks from a lack of communication. Our skilled and experienced counselors explore couples’ issues that have led them to create walls rather than bridges between them. We help our clients with specific couples counseling communication exercises that effectively overcome frustrations, anger, and conflict.

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