Discernment counseling services in NYC

Discernment counseling services in NYC

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Discernment counseling

Couples who are unsure if they want to stay together can benefit from discernment counseling. It is specifically for situations where one partner wants to leave the relationship, and the other wants to keep it going. Before deciding to repair or end a relationship, therapy seeks to assist partners in exploring all possible options. Discernment counseling can be seen as an evaluation procedure that aids partners in deciding how to proceed with their relationship.

This form of counseling differs from couples counseling, where the goal is to assess whether any problems can be resolved rather than to resolve interpersonal issues and improve communication. A discernment counselor may spend more time with each person alone rather than together, and the length of treatment is brief, lasting anywhere between one and five sessions. Counseling assists both partners in understanding how they influence relationship problems and then determining if there are viable solutions.

Discernment marriage counseling

Lack of discernment

Surprisingly, many people get married with little discernment, and the decision to form a union is often made based on fantastical ideas rather than realistic expectations and desires. This contributes to high divorce rates. Additionally, having discernment is being able to read and understand other people’s needs, especially those of a romantic partner.

But when one person repeatedly makes impulsive, poor decisions without giving thought to the polarization it fosters, it is a lack of discernment that can lead to problems in the relationship. Attributes of discernment include having the mental capacity to make decisions based on acute observation and insight.


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How discernment counseling for couples helps

How discernment counseling for couples can help?

Discernment counseling for couples aims to help partners sort through their feelings and thoughts to gain clarity and confidence to make the best choice for their family and themselves. Deciding to divorce or attempting to reconcile through couples therapy are all potential outcomes. It is also crucial to comprehend the dynamics of divorce and co-parenting because it can impact how well the children adjust to the divorce.

Many couples choose discernment counseling because it can help reach an agreeable solution for those with conflicting thoughts on divorce or reconciliation. A discernment counselor does not decide whether a couple should stay married or not for them; rather, they assist the couple in gaining a solid perspective so they can make their own decision. This is achieved by understanding each other’s perspective on the state of the marriage and opinions on divorce.

Discernment counseling can enable healthier communication during and after divorce if the couple ultimately decides to separate.


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Discernment marriage counseling

Good Health offers discernment marriage counseling as an effective resource to help couples decide the next steps for the future of their marriage, This is based on gaining a better understanding of what brought them to the point of considering a divorce. Therapy involves a combination of individual and couple counseling to examine alternatives, motivations, and needs.

Our qualified and professional discernment counselors provide a safe environment for partners to be heard, understood, and to discuss their reasons for wanting to leave or preserve the partnership. It differs from couples counseling, where partners are prepared and eager to work on their relationship.

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