Domestic violence counseling services in NYC

Domestic violence counseling services in NYC

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Domestic violence counseling for victims of abuse

Domestic violence counseling for victims of abuse can be extremely helpful in regaining control of one’s life. Domestic violence can include intimate relationship violence, which includes physical, sexual, stalking, and emotional or psychological harm committed by spouses or partners both present and past. Individual, group, and/or couples therapy are all possible therapeutic modalities for domestic violence counseling for both men and women. 

People experience suffering as a result of the effects of abuse on their self-worth and daily functioning, as well as living in fear of their abusive partner. This can result in anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicide, substance abuse, and other health concerns. Control strategies frequently accompany abusers downplaying or assigning responsibility for their actions, which undermines the victim’s values and needs. Counseling can provide effective tools to recover and find safety.

Domestic violence victims counseling

Emotional side effects of domestic violence

Survivors of domestic violence often find great difficulty in adjusting to living in a safer environment. This is particularly evident for victims who were violently abused over a long period. Due to how each person reacts to stress, their age, and the frequency and degree of abuse, the repercussions of this trauma differ greatly from person to person.

Common physical effects of domestic violence include frequent bruises and fractures, marks around the neck, chronic fatigue, muscle tension, and disrupted eating and sleeping habits. Mental effects can result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), severe anxiety, and depression. Emotionally, victims feel hopeless, unworthy, and distrustful. Additionally, if children witness or experience abuse, they are at an increased risk for emotional, mental, and behavioral problems.


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How counseling for domestic violence can help?

Building self-esteem to increase feelings of sufficiency is a key component of counseling for domestic violence victims. The focus of therapy is to help the victim regain control over their circumstances and revive hope for the future through validation of the person’s autonomy. It helps to build confidence, reduce feelings and behaviors of self-imposed isolation, and aid the victim in holding their abuser accountable. 

Counseling for domestic violence encourages victims to create a future free of violence for themselves and their children while acquiring the necessary coping mechanisms to move forward in life. For children, it can lessen the occurrence of outbursts by using anger management techniques and minimizing their sense of guilt and accountability for their parent’s predicament. Therapy is important for people who have been abused to rebuild connections and trust.


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Counseling for domestic violence victims

With years of experience in treating abusers and victims of abuse, Good Health therapists are acutely aware of how difficult it can be to repair one’s sanity alone. Our team of mental health experts specialize in domestic violence couples counseling to help clients assess their relationships. We offer domestic violence counseling online to ensure a safe environment where clients can freely express and process distressing feelings. 

The Good Health team understands how confusing abusive relationships are and it is normal to have shifting feelings and thoughts towards their abuser. When a victim is planning to leave their abuser, this is when they are most at risk. Our therapists can assist in creating a safe exit strategy if you are still in an abusive relationship.

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