Lesbian and gay counseling services in NYC

Lesbian and gay counseling services in NYC

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Gay and lesbian counseling

Homophobia is still a widespread issue in society and gay and lesbian people often experience relentless microaggressions and discrimination, which can lead to mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles. Specialists that offer gay counseling services focus on helping people learn ways to cope and address negative and destructive elements. 

Having one-on-one therapy sessions in a safe environment with a trusted professional can help in reducing distressing symptoms and explore positive approaches for better outcomes. If you are considering seeing a therapist, it is important to find a professional who is trained and experienced in gay and lesbian counseling. Specialized counselors are skilled in using different techniques that are unique to gay men and lesbians that positively reinforce your sexual orientation, discover self-love and acceptance, and resolve other ongoing issues.

lesbian and gay counseling services

Gay men counseling

Homosexuals face unique challenges that affect their mental health, which is where lesbian and gay men counseling can be an effective tool. Lesbians and gay men are more prone to experience mental health problems such as depression that can lead to suicide. Gay males already endure higher levels of anxiety than straight men and they are more susceptible to developing an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. 

Many gay people have had to master the art of pleasing people, conceal their sexual orientation, live with chronic stress due to discrimination, and continuously question their self-worth and belonging. When they are repeatedly exposed to homophobic language, and stereotypes, they internalize this negativity. This can trigger drug and alcohol abuse, and lead to harmful and unsafe behaviors that can increase their risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.


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how gay and lesbian counseling helps

How gay and lesbian counseling can help?

When gay men and lesbians do not have adequate support and acceptance within the workplace and from family and friends, it can be difficult to maintain good mental health. Navigating challenges with a qualified clinician offers a great opportunity for healing. With a therapist who specializes in gay and lesbian counseling, it is possible for clients to develop a deeper understanding of their issues, so they can learn to practice emotional regulation, learn grounding skills, and find relief in self-acceptance. 

Individual therapy helps people understand how their sexual orientation, lifestyle, and family relationships affect their mental health. A counselor can offer productive ways to manage stress, cope with discrimination, get support for coming out, treat depression, sexual problems, and parenting issues. Therapy can also help those using alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism.


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Lesbian & gay counseling online

Good Health offers lesbian and gay counseling online. Our multidisciplinary team can provide sound, expert advice in a virtual environment using internet services. Online counseling makes it simpler to get mental health care if you live in a remote place or you cannot locate a therapist nearby who specializes in issues that gay people are confronted with daily. The time commitment of in-person counseling may be impractical if there is an additional hour or two of travel time required on top of the hour of counseling. 

Having therapy sessions online with our psychiatrists and psychologists eliminates the need to commute, which makes therapy sessions more relaxed. Another major benefit of online counseling is privacy and confidentiality. Clients can avoid potentially bumping into people they know at the therapist’s office.

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