Life transitions counseling services in NYC

Life transitions counseling services in NYC

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Life transitions  counseling

Any modification or change that significantly affects your life is considered a life transition. All of us go through changes in our lives, which may be planned or unplanned. Even positive life transitions can be stressful, making the adjustment to change challenging. A person might anticipate experiencing many changes throughout their lifespan. 

Marriage, childbirth, and new careers are a few of these life transitions that, while they could come with their own set of anxieties, are generally pleasant. Moving, retiring, and dealing with death or divorce are other key life transitions that can be very stressful. Life transitions counseling can help people to better prepare themselves for changes they can or cannot control. Change can significantly impact a person’s daily life, which can cause stress, depression, anxiety, or exhaustion. People may also develop dysfunctional behaviors that can be addressed in therapy.

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Emotional side effects of life transitions

Life transitions like moving to a new place, going through a divorce, or starting a new job can be challenging and stressful. A certain degree of tension and worry during a life shift is normal and even healthy. It may be disconcerting and uncomfortable as our bodies and thoughts adjust to our new way of life. Such changes in life as losing a loved one or getting older can set off a chain of physiological responses. 

Although everyone reacts and adapts to life transitions differently, many people may exhibit mental health symptoms such as insomnia, gut health issues, loss of appetite, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. People who have psychiatric diseases like anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and substance use disorders may have worsening mental health issues at times of acute stress such as going through a life transition.


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How life transitioning counseling can help?

Life changes counseling offers the opportunity to talk about big upheavals with a therapist. Any form of treatment is likely to be effective in assisting a person in adjusting to significant changes in their lives. When significant shifts occur, it can lead to stress, anxiety, or depression, and a qualified therapist can help treat associated symptoms while developing coping strategies. 

When people know that they do not cope well with change, life transitioning counseling can be effective in dealing with changes before they even occur. This allows one to be better prepared for changes that arise whether planned or unplanned. Some people who have gone through a certain kind of change, such as a serious sickness or disability or a divorce, may also find benefit from support groups and group therapy sessions.


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Counseling for life changes

Transitions in life can affect everyone, but major life changes can be more difficult to navigate than others. People can benefit from counseling for life changes with Good Health’s team of mental health professionals. The purpose of life transition counseling is to provide people with the tools they need to effectively cope with these emotionally difficult life changes. Our therapists employ a combination of strategies to assist clients in feeling ready for upcoming transitions. 

Although it takes some time to get used to what life has in store, these techniques are helpful in reducing symptoms related to stress and anxiety and they minimize the shock associated with major change. The Good Health team helps clients to accept change, stay optimistic, reframe thinking patterns, manage stress, and have reasonable expectations.

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