Post abortion counseling services in NYC

Post abortion counseling services in NYC

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Post abortion counseling 

Every woman is affected by abortion in a different way. While many women are relieved immediately after an abortion, other emotions can surface weeks or even years later. These psychological side effects of abortion are real and painful, just like any physical side effects would be. Anyone who has undergone an abortion, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it, may endure emotional side effects with symptoms of guilt, anger, regret, suicidal thoughts, or depression. 

Emotional recovery following an abortion is aided through post abortion counseling, which seeks to help with unresolved issues or feelings connected to the pregnancy termination. Many women face a range of problems because of abortion, ranging from bereavement and attachment issues to spiritual and family conflict. Therapy provides a space to reflect on the abortion experience and find healing in a safe and caring environment.

post abortion counseling

Emotional side effects of abortion

An abortion can be spontaneous or induced. Spontaneous abortion is referred to as miscarriage and induced abortion is done intentionally. Abortion has significant psychological, social, and physical side consequences in both situations. Following an abortion, people often experience despair and anxiety about not being able to get pregnant again. Women may develop odd eating habits, low self-esteem, depression, and a variety of other emotions. 

Couples may also go through changes in sexual behavior or interests, such as avoiding intimacy and lingering distress, as well as relationship issues. Any pregnancy loss might disrupt the hormone cycle, which can aggravate feelings of sadness and guilt. Emotions can get complicated, especially when they are involved with important or life-changing decisions such as abortion.


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How post abortion counseling can help?

Abortion can be an extremely traumatic event. Post abortion counseling services provide a safe place to talk about the effects of abortion with a qualified therapist who understands and listens without passing judgment. It is common for women to experience difficulties with concentrating, sleeping, eating, and going about normal daily activities.

Women may turn to alcohol or drugs as a way to forget about the experience but when you least expect it, emotions like grief, rage, or worry arise. All of this can have a negative impact on intimate relationships and within the family unit. Many people disregard the effect abortion has on men; however, they may also experience feelings of guilt, grief, resentment, or anger. Post abortion counseling for men can help partners work through this difficult event so they can ease their inner turmoil and be in a better position to provide support to their partner and family.


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Post abortion counseling for men and women

The Good Health team comprises qualified mental health professionals with experience in post abortion counseling. We respect your individuality and understand that because you have a personal history, your experience will be distinct. Due to the conditions and the hormonal changes your body is going through, some women may feel relieved, others will feel angry and sad. 

Because shame and secrecy sometimes go hand in hand, it’s not uncommon for women to suffer through their experiences without speaking about them. We offer different counseling and psychotherapeutic techniques to help clients resolve issues related to a post-abortion experience that can be painful and traumatic. Working with our therapists, women and men can openly explore and identify uncomfortable feelings, which can be very empowering.

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