Prior Authorization

Some treatments and medications covered by medical and prescription drug plans can require prior authorization from your health insurance provider. If you need medication or treatment, prior authorization is typically necessary because without it, you may not be covered. This is why it’s crucial to start the prior authorization procedure as soon as possible.

Obtaining the required pre approvals for medication or therapy is made easier with the help of our prior authorization services. This is distinct from the case in which you require extra therapies or medications following your initial appointment. You might need to obtain a medical necessity assessment or authorization in that situation. Your insurance provider should respond to the prior authorization request within 5 to 10 business days after receiving it.

Monitoring, medication reconciliation, and ensuring patients receive the expected results are all part of drug management. It necessitates a careful examination of prescribed medications and any potential side effects. Mental health specialists consider all aspects of a patient’s life, including medical history to ensure treatment is safe and effective as medication efficacy varies from patient to patient.

Filling a prior authorization form

Medical Prior Authorization Services

Pre-authorization for adults

A health insurance provider needs medical prior authorization for a number of reasons. Prior authorization is necessary, and your health insurance provider utilizes it to control expenses. Your insurer will use prior authorization to ensure that you actually need the therapy or medicine, and it must adhere to the most recent guidelines for the medical condition you are experiencing. It should also be the most economical form of treatment or medication for your condition.

Each health plan has its own guidelines regarding which procedures require prior authorization. Generally, a health plan is more likely to demand prior authorization the more expensive the procedure. However, some services will call for prior approval under one health plan but not another.

Pre-authorization for adolescents

Incorporating patient-centered care and evidence-based methods, child and adolescent psychiatrists work to treat children in a safe and efficient manner while also acknowledging the need to lower healthcare delivery costs. As child psychiatrists, we put in time and effort to complete the current prior permission procedures in order to safely provide psychotropic medications to children with psychiatric illnesses. The ability of child and adolescent psychiatrists to treat patients with high levels of complexity may be hampered by administrative difficulties related to prior authorization procedures.

Decisions made as a result of prior permission processes may limit a child’s access to medically necessary care. Children with untreated psychological problems have higher medical expenses as a result.
We assist with medical prior authorization so your child can receive the treatment they need.

Pre-authorization consultations & help

Prior approval procedures frequently cause treatment delays and might stand in the way of patients receiving the care they seek. Continuous prior authorization requirements might impede the progress of patients, especially those with chronic, complex diseases that call for considerable care and/or expensive medications.

Contacting our office is the first step you must take to begin the prior authorization procedure. Someone who manages requests for prior authorization will be available to assist you. Finding out what is required from you is the next step after determining who you need to speak with in order to obtain prior authorization. We can also help you understand what to expect from the process and we can advise what to do if your request is rejected.

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Prior Authorization Service Benefits

Prior authorization, also known as pre approval, is a health plan cost-control procedure that requires doctors and other healthcare professionals to get approval in advance from a health plan before prescribing medication to a patient in order to be eligible for payment coverage. Prior authorization for medication can successfully prevent inappropriate drug usage and encourage the use of drug therapies that are based on scientific evidence.

Utilizing medical resources in this efficient and effective a manner can reduce overall medical expenses, increase health plan members’ access to more affordable care, and enhance their quality of life. At Good Health, we understand the complexities of getting prior authorization and can help those who need assistance in getting the necessary authorization.


How long does prior authorization take?

Health insurance companies require prior authorizations for some drugs. Typically, the prior authorization procedure takes at least two days. The authorization has a set duration once it has been granted.

How to get prior authorization at Good Health?

Get in touch with the team at Good Health and we have dedicated personnel who are available to guide you through the preauthorization process and let you know what is required and what to expect from the process.

May I apply for medical prior authorization online?

Depending on your healthcare insurance provider, it may be possible to submit a prior authorization request online. Many providers now use portals where authorizations can be submitted and tracked online.

Why do health insurers require pre-authorization?

The prior authorization procedure allows your health insurance provider to assess if a medical procedure or prescription drug is actually necessary to treat your condition. It also determines if you are receiving suitable and reasonably priced treatment and medication.

Why do prior authorizations get denied?

Insurance companies may reject a request for preauthorization if the process was not followed correctly, the paperwork had errors, information is missing, or the medication and treatment are not deemed suitable or too expensive.

Why is prior authorization important?

Not only is it important to ensure the medication and treatment is appropriate, but it also ensures you are not left with unexpected and expensive bills after receiving the necessary drugs and therapies.

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