Retirement counseling services in NYC

Retirement counseling services in NYC

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Retirement counseling

Retiring is a psychological and emotional upheaval. It is a process that some people settle into after a few months, while others take longer to adjust. Many retirees struggle with depression and loneliness, especially if they live alone or have a younger partner who is still working. Retirement counseling for individuals or couples can assist people and their spouses in getting ready for retirement or adjusting to this major transition. Health, financial security, and subjective well-being are crucial factors in a person’s capacity to adapt. Productivity, self-esteem, a support network, and a sense of control and purpose all have an impact on a retired person’s well-being.

Therapy involves identifying and discussing the client’s mental and physical health and concerns associated with retiring. A qualified counselor can help people experiencing a loss of identity and aspirations to establish a meaningful life and prevent the onset of depression or other mental health conditions.

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The challenges of retirement

Many people find that their retirement experience comes with disappointment either emotionally or financially, and increased loneliness. Although people look forward to the day they won’t have to work, many will end up missing their workplace when faced with retirement. Those who devote a lot of time and effort to their occupations may find they no longer have an identity or a purpose. People also miss interpersonal interactions in the workplace and it can be distressing when this all suddenly vanishes. Retirees may be dealing with health and financial problems or the loss of a spouse. These traumatic events can make retirement even more unbearable.


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How retirement counseling helps

How retirement counseling can help?

Retirement can be a welcome gift after a lifetime of working, but it can also result in tension, anxiety, despair, and boredom. Post-retirement counseling can help retirees in overcoming obstacles and discover new meaning to thrive in their golden years. An experienced therapist helps clients through the process while teaching coping mechanisms for people to reconstruct their lives around the void left by retiring. People generally go through a number of psychological stages before they start to feel any renewed sense of purpose.

Realization, disenchantment, reorientation, and stability are some of the emotional stages that people go through when retiring. People can better prepare for one of the biggest lifestyle adjustments they will ever experience by seeking pre-retirement counseling. Getting all the support and information helps to confidently make important decisions that lie ahead. Therapy provides the tools needed to look forward to and navigate the next chapter in life.


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Retirement counseling services

The most common mental health issue among the older people is depression, and most do not think to account for the emotional changes that accompany retirement. At Good Health, our compassionate and experienced counselors help with preparing for retirement and coping with the new reality. Licensed therapists are available for online treatment, making it easier to reach out and get the help needed.

The team of mental health professionals offers support and suggestions that can bring about greater awareness and acceptance of retirement. Our retirement counseling services assist clients in developing fresh and effective approaches that bring fulfillment and meaning into their lives.

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