Sexual abuse counseling services in NYC

Sexual abuse counseling services in NYC

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Sexual abuse counseling 

Any behaviour that forces or coerces someone into engaging in sexual activity they do not want to is referred to as sexual abuse. 

When dealing with challenging topics during sexual abuse counseling, it often necessitates confronting uncomfortable feelings and memories. However, this is necessary for healing emotional wounds. Talking about these experiences in a place where there is no judgment, can be very cathartic. In an effort to repress emotions and memories, many people avoid discussing their abuse or traumatic events. 

It can be incredibly beneficial and transformative to have a qualified therapist help you address sexual abuse experiences as it can impact various areas of your life. Sexual abuse can lead to guilt, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, dissociative patterns, relationship problems, and more. Counseling enables victims of sexual abuse to better manage distressing symptoms and develop self-care strategies that help improve one’s self-image, confidence, and assertiveness.

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Counseling for sexually abused victims

Regardless of social standing, gender, nationality, or upbringing, anyone can experience sexual abuse. Victims of sexual abuse feel humiliated and may fear being ostracized or that no one will believe them, which are the primary reasons for them not seeking help. Sexual abuse can leave permanent psychological wounds and lead to long-term negative health effects.

Counseling for sexually abused victims is crucial because without any form of therapy, sexual abuse can trigger issues such as PTSD, substance abuse, depression, sexual dysfunction, and suicidal ideation. It can also lead to developing dissociative patterns and mental health disorders. Counseling helps victims to love themselves again and heal the trauma by processing painful emotions.


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How counseling for sexual abuse victims can help?

Victims of sexual abuse work closely with a psychiatrist who employs various therapeutic techniques based on the events that occurred, how they affected the individual, and ascertain if there are existing mental health issues. Counseling for sexual abuse can take place at the therapist’s office or through online services.

Sexual abuse counseling online allows the specialist and client to engage in normal therapy sessions except the participation is done ‘live’ via the Internet using video and voice calling. This approach offers the same advantages as getting counseling in a face-to-face physical environment. Privately discussing deep and painful emotions with an objective and qualified expert who is kind and respectful is highly effective in helping people overcome the trauma of sexual abuse.


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Counseling for sexually abused adults

Sexual abuse can cause serious physical and psychological harm and victims are at risk of developing mental health conditions and resorting to alcohol and drug abuse to numb out emotional pain. Counseling for sexually abused adults offers specialized, evidence-based therapies that are effective in helping people work through difficult feelings, thoughts, and interpersonal issues. 

Counseling also helps to prevent the onset of other conditions by addressing traumatic memories and other symptoms such as invasive emotions, sensory phenomena, and uncontrollable bodily movements and reactions. The feeling of powerlessness after sexual abuse can wreak havoc on anyone’s life and therapy helps to reclaim personal power, develop coping skills, and learn to manage related stress. Counseling also focuses on fostering feelings of trust, safety, intimacy, and well-being.

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